Capacity Building Hub
Meeting 1

Alvaro Valera Sosa
Charlotte Marchandise
Sujata Karve
Sarah Morris Jones
Ben Cave

Alessandra Bianchi
Arturo Gleason
Flavia Goldsworthy
Andrea Haase
Göran Lindahl

Ilaria Geddes
Eliza Patouris
Nicoletta Setola
Marcus Grant
Anne Roue-Le Gall

Wednesday, May 25, 2022, at 14:00 CET

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Wednesday, May 25, 2022, at 14:00 CET

(7:00 Mexico City, 17:30 Pune, India)

In advance, enjoy the proposal presentation and scroll down to take a look at the survey!

The presentation is interactive, just click on it! 

The UrbanCare Hub proposal content.

(a) The capacity building modular structure proposal (slides 3 to 13)
(b) Testing phase (slides 14 to 17)
(c) UrbanCare methodology (slides 18 to 21) | Workshop menu available in slide 21,  Don’t miss it! 
(d) Testing phase finances (slides 22 to 26)
(e) Sustainable investment plan (slides 27 to 30)

UrbanCare Hub Meeting #1 



Our purpose as a Hub is to quicken the pace of scientific knowledge transfer and tools that capacitate current and future professionals with skills that create informed spatial projects for Urban Health (climate and health).

Meeting objectives

o Review the background issues and activities that have led to creating the hub.
o Describe the hub proposal by components and possible locations.

Meeting overall aim

Find out more about institutional or individual capacities (human or financial) that can support the hub.

Part 1

Introduction Round

(4o min)

a. Welcoming and program description by Alvaro (3 min)

b. Participant motivation and expectations. Introduce yourself including answers to these 3 questions | click here!
Understanding motivation gives us valuable insights and explains why we set goals and strive for achievement. Knowing your expectations about the hub and how you think it might work for you will maximize today’s meeting and its follow-ups.

Coffee or tea brain dating (10 min)

Part 2

The Hub Background 

(15 min | The proposal and its testing period)

a. Erasmus+ Application (Ilaria Geddes 5 minutes)

b. UrbanCare Methodology Update (BHL contributions in 10 minutes)
Click here and go to the UrbanCare Hub Proposal presentation above.

Part 3


(45 min | How would you like to contribute?)

Click here and fill in the survey before the discussion.

a. Open discussion on target audiences and the project’s sustainability (reaching market)
i. Academic partners management (CVA, Abita, and other Centres bridging academia to industry, GOV, and NGOs)
ii. Industry partners’ management
iii. Governments (national/local) partners’ management
iv. NGOs partners management

b. Coordination meetings (methods, target audience, project sustainability)

Part 4

Upcoming events

(Q & A)

a. WUF 11 | June 26-30, Katowice, Poland
b. UrbanCare Capacity Building Hub | July 2022 – March 2023, Berlin, Germany
c. Manifesto development for publication
d. International Conference on Urban Health: In Valencia this year. They want to focus on implementation and how to ‘make things happen’ on the ground. 24-27 Oct Spain
e. Healthy City Design Congress: Good for attendance of practitioners and policy-makers. 10-11 Oct London.

○ Climate friendly & biodiverse landscapes help cure chronic diseases

○ Healthcare closer to people improve patient outcomes