Workshop photos
Gothenburg, SE  April 28, 2022

Thank you again for the great time we spent together, hoping it was of your joy, interest, and benefit.

After a workshop, we create a webpage to show how teams like yours work collectively.

Here below are 146 photos of your teams. 
(i) Have fun finding yourself, 
(ii) take note of the photo numbers, and 
(iii) let us know which one you don’t want on the website.

With your team pictures, we help people understand climate and health problems and how to solve them. 

We also hope to see you sometime soon! 

The groups were split into three loops.
Click on the balloons here below and check out your group photos and general ones.
Remember to let us know if you don’t want a particular photo on the website.


Loop 1

Loop 2

Loop 3