Dialogues with Brazil.

August 28 to September 1 2023, Berlin, Germany

Day 1, Welcome!

Berlin opens its doors

Opening words | 14:00

Cities for People lecture | 14:15

Evidence-based Projects lecture | 14:45

Active travel Berlin | 15:30 – 18:30

Alvaro Valera Sosa from Building Health Lab leads a walk across East Berlin to Potsdamer Platz using the tram, bus, underground (U-Bahn), and city train (S-Bahn). In this Smart Mobility field trip, Delegates are encouraged to take notes on how accessible, convenient, and safe the travel system is in catering to the needs of individuals and Berliners in general.

Mingling and gathering | 19:00

Our guests will experience what a Biergarten can offer! 

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